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Welcome to our new product range. We hope that you will have as much fun with these products as we have had creating them. This is the first range of an amazing new selection of products that we will be introducing on the world stage. Be one of the first in South Africa to stock these pretty little Sprinkles of happiness. They are available on the overseas markets and are doing better than we could have ever expected, so please help us spread the world of color here at home.

We have a standard range that we hope you enjoy. However, should you wish to be as different and unique as our products, it will be our pleasure to custom make a blend of stock that you would like to have in your store, to set you apart from others.

Our motto-
“WE USE NO ANIMAL BYPRODUCTS AT ALL. Yup, that’s right. No eggs, no gelatin, no nothing that comes from our friends the animals.

We use the purest ingredients that may cost a fraction more but at least we have a conscience and want you to have the confidence in knowing that you are getting the very best you can.

Lastly, we are committed to customer care so if we disappoint you, please do phone and shout at us! We promise we will take it on the chin and do a better job if we make you unhappy in anyway. So, put us to the test!”